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To continue to this section I highly recommend you first take a look at this page to get a basic understanding of XML and XML technologies.

If you have an basic understanding of XML documents the next step is to learn to format those documents.

The standards for formating XML documents were created by W3C, originally called XSL Extensible Style Language but due to the complexity of the project it was later divided in two pieces: XSLT (for Transformations) and XSL-FO (for Formatting Objects).

In the Imeiat following we will explain how to use XSLT to transform XML documents resulting another XML document or an HTML document.

By using XSLT we can transform an XML document into practically any document type you like / need. Transforming an XML document means using XSLT to analyze its contents and take certain actions depending on the elements that are contained by the document.

XSLT can be used to reorder the output according to a criteria, display only certain pieces of information and much more.

XSL-FO is used mainly to format XML for printing output (ex for PDFs), it i not designed to be used on the web so it isn’t supported by browsers, due to the fact it requires speific parsing software. You will find more details in the XSL-FO section of the website.