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How can XML be used?

XML can keep data separated from your HTML

While HTML is used to display the data, data is still stored inside the HTML document together with other tags and styles. With XML, data can be stored in separate XML files. XML data can also be stored inside HTML pages as data islands, although, I would’t recommend it.

XML can be used as a format to exchange information

By converting data to XML data can be exchanged between incompatible systems. By converting the data to XML you can greatly reduce the complexity needed for data exchange and you can create data that can be read by many different types of applications.

XML and B2B

With XML, financial information can be exchanged over the Internet. XML is the main language for exchanging financial information between businesses over the internet.

XML can be used to store data

With XML, plain text files can be used to store data. XML can also be used to store data in files or in databases. Applications can be written to store and retrieve information from the store, and generic applications can be used to display the data.

XML can make your Data more Useful

With XML, your data is available to more users.

Since XML is independent of hardware, software and application, you can make your data available to other than only standard HTML browsers.