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A short introduction into what HTML is and how to use it

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup language, the language of the internet, the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications and together with Cascading style sheets (CSS) and Javascript create what we call the World Wide Web.

HTML is the coding languages that makes web pages, in a way it’s the skeleton of any web page. You can see the HTML for every web page by right-clicking on the web-page and selecting “View Source”, this may vary depending on the browser you use:

– In Google Chrome press F12
– in Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl + U
– In Safari, select View -> ViewSource (or Option+Command+U)
– In Internet Explorer, the View menu option is “source”

There are diferent versions of HTML but you should only concentrate on the last one, HTML5.

Simple tutorial for your first web page

First you will need a text editor, if your using windows my advice is to use notepad++ but notepad will do just fine. Careful Word from office ar anything similar will not do, because they will add extra information, you need just a plain text editor.

First open notepad and save the page with the file name “Home” and save the type as Hypertext Markup Language file (*.html, *.htm).

After you saved the file add the skeleton for every web page

With the code above you can create a webpage which you can see by opening it in your browser. For now you shouldn’t worry about the doctype, css or any of the tags used.

That was the simplest web page you can create, in the HTML section of this site you will find all the information you need on how to create a professional website with all the tags explained.